Mt. Pulag Adventures 

Have Asthma ? No worries !

Too scared to climb up a mountain because you have asthma? Well, watch me conquered Mt. Pulag with asthma. I would like to share my experience during our climb at the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines , Mt. PulagSeeing the sea of clouds is like heaven but getting there is hard and challenging. This is my journey on the way to the top of Mt.Pulag.

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Youtube Channel ?!

I have a youtube channel and you guys should check it out 👊 I uploaded my first ever video. It is just an intro video for my channel .

Why I started a youtube channel ? Because there are things that can’t be expressed through words , that you can just express it through pictures and videos ☺️

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There are many beaches here in the Philippines and if you’re looking for the perfect getaway for your family and want to see the clearest of water, the whitest of sand, and the friendliest people, Boracay is what you’re looking for.Boracay is one of the best beaches here in the Philippines, it is known for its white sand beaches and clear water. Continue reading “Boracay”

About Myself

Before I post a huge amount of blogs. I would like to tell you guys a little more about myself. Well, as of now I am 14 years old and turning 15 soon. As a teen there are many rules that I need to follow and my actions are limited. I am not in the legal age to do so many things but that doesn’t mean that we,teens , are not allowed to have fun and do wonderful things. I made this website or blog to just tell every experience that I had fun doing. The things that I never thought I will be doing and my favorite moments in my life. I named my blog wonder because for me the word wonder is the best fit for my site. Wonder means exploring things, going on adventures,trying new things, and wondering our capabilities and breaking out of our comfort zone. Continue reading “About Myself”

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